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Preparing Guatemala’s rural children to succeed in school


The majority of rural, poor children are ill-prepared for the first-grade.  The February 2006 World Bank report states: 30% of children in the Central American countries fail the first-grade; many drop-out at this point.  Often parents can’t read or write; many work long hours and children are cared for by older children. Over the last 6 years, there has been progress but the needs are still great.

The Guatemalan government is recognizing the problem and in 2005, they began training pre-elementary teachers, building classrooms and adopted a National Curriculum.  However, the lack of quality schools, particularly in rural villages, and crowding everywhere remains an overwhelming problem that needs to be tackled if the children and the communities they reside in are to thrive and the cycle of poverty is to be broken.

Our mission is to prepare at-risk Guatemalan children for the first-grade by establishing preschools (Centers for Stimulation, as they are sometimes called here) and training preschool and first-grade teachers.

Our vision is to help break the cycle of poverty in Guatemala by reducing the high rate of drop-out and repetition of children in the first-grade.

Our goal is to have none of our students fail the first grade.

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Nora Mehida Tun Bacajoa had a dream to start a preschool in her community, She is now the director of our Program in 16 communities.  Click here to learn more about Nora and the other teachers.Nora.htmlNora.htmlNora.htmlshapeimage_2_link_0shapeimage_2_link_1shapeimage_2_link_2
2007 - 2008 Results
First preschool classroom established
2009 Results
7 more classrooms established (8 total)
2010 Results
8 more classrooms established (16 total)
19 preschool teachers trained
350 children benefiting this year
2011 results
4 more classrooms in more rural areas (20 total)
Implemented a nutritional meal prepared by the mothers in all the classrooms 
Solidified the program in 16 current communities
2012 results 
3 more rural community classrooms (23 total communities and 31 classroom sessions)
Added pilot program for Early Childhood stimulation classes with the mothers in the communities
Raised $1500 to write scripts and do a pilot program for the Radio Preschool Program EL AULA MAGICA

2013 results
23 Communities classrooms with 29 sessions
20 programs have been scripted for Aula Magica. Testing of the programs was competed in 7 classrooms

2014 results
24 teachers and 25 sessions in Pquenos Pero Listos program
Aula Magica  tested in with 12 teachers
in rural communites with certificated teachers. Revsions made.

2015 began with 22 teachers in the Pequinos Pero Listos program and 8 in the Aula Magical Program.
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Our program is small and very simple. We find graduated but unemployed teachers and offer to put them to work in their communities as preschool teachers. Our sponsors’ donation gives them a stipend each month and provides the classroom materials. They have to find the space to hold the classes and manage all the relationships with parents and leaders in their community.

They are social entrepreneurs. 

To contribute to our latest program initiative, Aula Magica, a recorded curriculum delivered over the radio and MP3 players with a trained facilitator,     Donate here