Our program is small and very simple

Maesta PPL

Our program is small and very simple

We find graduated but unemployed teachers and offer to put them to work in their communities as preschool teachers. Our sponsors’ donation gives them a stipend each month and provides the classroom materials. They have to find the space to hold the classes and manage all the relationships with parents and leaders in their community, they are social entrepreneurs.

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The majority of rural, poor children are ill-prepared for the first-grade. The February 2006 World Bank report states: 30% of children in the Central American countries fail the first-grade; many drop-out at this point. Often parents can’t read or write; many work long hours and children are cared for by older children. Over the last 6 years, there has been progress but the needs are still great.

The Guatemalan government is recognizing the problem and in 2005, they began training pre-elementary teachers, building classrooms and adopted a National Curriculum. However, the lack of quality schools, particularly in rural villages, and crowding everywhere remains an overwhelming problem that needs to be tackled if the children and the communities they reside in are to thrive and the cycle of poverty is to be broken.

Our Activities

  • Innovaciones educativas

    Educational innovations

  • Rincones de aprendizaje

    Integration of learning corners

Activities children
  • 2 trainings per year

  • Supporting child nutrition

Current Projects

Meet the principal educational programs

Programa Pequeños Pero Listos

Pequeños Pero Listos

Preparing kids to be successful in primary school, newly graduated teachers aged 18-24 have the opportunity to stay in their communities and to become social entrepreneurs by starting classrooms in primarily rural, Guatemalan Mayan communities. stay in their communities and to become social entrepreneurs by starting classrooms in primarily rural Guatemalan.

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Programa Aula Mágica

Aula Mágica

We train and equip community-minded and entrepreneurial young adults to teach children ages 4-6 in remote areas currently unattended by the Guatemalan government. With the combination of our culturally relevant curriculum centered on creative learning through the use of natural materials and by tackling chronic child malnutrition with a daily healthy snack, we are able to help mentally and physically prepare previously disadvantaged rural children to be successful in the first grade and beyond.

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You can help some educational project

project pequeños pero listos


To contribute to our latest program initiative, Aula Magica, a recorded curriculum delivered over the radio and MP3 players with a trained facilitator.

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project pequeños pero listos


Make a donation to the project so that we can continue to expand our work. Click here to make a tax-deductible donation through our partner organization, World Link Partners.

Other option
books and teaching games pequeños pero listos


Collecting used books and teaching games. Be part of volunteering.


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